Microlanders’ Success Stories
The Terminator of the SBU
Jun 27, 2019

A person with a controlled and target oriented approach. What makes him extraordinary is his eye for detail. He can nail errors before they become issues. This guy is the Terminator of the SBU. He is there for you, supports you, fights for you, shouts at you (in a positive way), laughs with you…and lives with you. Can’t expect a better team person than him!

A overnight success story of 20 years
May 28, 2019

A Microlander who has the best qualities: attention to detail; engagement with project team; straightforward in his point of view. All in all, such a good human being that his Saudi project team and customers still hold him in high esteem, years after he has moved on. His deep respect for the ML leadership has to be seen to be believed. For us, he's both a colleague and a friend for 20 years now, and a great sounding board...

Merging a deep understanding of customers and tech…
Apr 12, 2019

One of the best professionals to work with in a long career. Brings to his work extraordinary selling skills, the ability to build relationship at all levels, a deep understanding of customers and technology, and a thorough knowledge of the market. He is detailed, passionate and extremely hardworking - a rare combination.

A senior director who keeps the Microland flag flying high
Mar 14, 2019

This Microlander possesses the rare skill to anticipate and predict a client issue, thus enabling proactive measures ahead of any potential trouble. He brings a lot of weight to client engagement and keeps the Microland flag flying high and strong. A sheer delight as a team member.

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Sing your heart out
Aug 01, 2019
There are shortcuts to happiness and singing is of them! Join the Music community and  don't miss out on the Karaoke evenings and Friday Jam Sessions at Microland!
Shutterbug alert!
May 01, 2019
My passion is photography. Microland has been very co-operative in terms of providing me some flexibility when it comes to scheduling my shifts so that I can shift timing, so that I can get to the occassional shoot. This accommodation has helped me carry on with photography. One day I hope to combine my passion with my profession. 
Kudos to Microland!
Mar 12, 2019
Huge congratulations to Microland Teams for successfully completing Oxfam Walkathons over the weekend. Kudos to all the team members and the support staff! We are all proud of the achievement and you inspire us! Very well done, Team Microlanders!
Bike club calling...
Jan 07, 2019
Members of the newly formed Microland Bikers Club (MBC) completed  their first ride on the 6th of January, 2019. The journey was exciting and we got a chance to take in some beautiful scenery. MBC is still in its inaugural stages. Another ride is coming up soon. Join the club!
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