Innovation Kitchen

Inspired and guided by the ambitions of clients around the world, Microland is writing the future of infrastructure. 

In the “kitchen” we share what our most innovative and prescient technologists are up to.

Digital Twin
Convergence of physical and virtual world
Today, the majority of industrial processes have a digital backbone. It is possible to create a fully digital rendering of a physical product in the production line - a Digital Twin......
Digital disruption powered by Microland
Moving from a reactive model to a proactive model
Automation is not just about improving human efforts and automating manual tasks. Improving quality of service plays a critical role - here at Microland ...
Satish Sukumar
Chief Automation Officer
Achieving MinimalOps with minimal angst
Microland is making digital happen for enterprises around the world.
Legacy habits and infrastructure prevent many enterprises from smoothly delivering digital experiences that delight. Microland is hard at work creating a world of MinimalOps where IT departments of le...