Unified Vulnerability Management

Win the security game—proactively identify vulnerabilities and protect data

With enterprises undergoing digital transformation by adopting technologies like cloud, mobility, IoT, BYOD to be more agile, they are also exposed to increased threat landscape and attack vectors from the vulnerabilities in these technologies. With the recent pandemic and mass shift towards Work from Anywhere by enterprises across the world, the risks associated with undetected and unpatched vulnerabilities have increased significantly with employees logging remotely from unsecure networks & devices. Vulnerability management is no longer choice but the need of the hour for enterprises globally.

Enterprises must continuously monitor, identify & remediate vulnerabilities in their environment to reduce the risk of cyberattacks. Microland’s Unified Vulnerability Management (UVM) solution addresses these customer challenges with business contextualized, risk-assessment based vulnerability management solution. Our Unified Vulnerability Management solution continuously scans and identifies vulnerabilities in the on-premise & physical infrastructure, cloud environment, and applications and supports the customers in remediation and patching vulnerabilities, prioritizing based on the associated risks of the vulnerabilities and business priorities.

Microland offers Vulnerability Management in a As A Service model to customers, where the customer’s environment is continuously scanned for previously undetected vulnerabilities, perform threat modeling and proactive threat hunting and remediation. Our solution also application security testing services like vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of Applications, APIs etc. For customers who are seeking for a one-time Vulnerability Assessment and Penetrating Testing services, we offer the services as projects. 

Our UVM solution complies with Industry standards & Best Practices like OWASP Top 10, SANS Top 25, NIST 800-53, ISO 27000, etc. and uses best-in-class, industry-recognized tools to scan, discover, report, and remediate vulnerabilities and improve protection. A real-time dashboard also provides customer’s leadership with visibility on their organization’s security posture while reducing security spends significantly.


Customer Benefits:

  • Prevent financial/business losses, damage to reputation and penalties because of cyberattacks
  • Proactive Security & Business Risk Management & Mitigation
  • Compliance of Industry & Geo-specific Regulations and Standards


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