Manjanath Nayak

Global Chief Delivery Officer
Atlanta, USA

Manjanath Nayak (Manja) is responsible for Microland’s global delivery and also leads the company’s Operations Excellence, Transition and Operational Automation functions.  A key passion for Manjanath is driving AI / ML led automation initiatives for all Microland clients thereby ensuring that the operations are predictable, stable and secure.

Manjanath has been with Microland for over two decades delighting Microland clients with a strong focus on driving business value and evolving best-in-class account management practices. A truly transformational leader with a deep and nuanced understanding of both Microland’s business and technology trends, Manjanath is committed to ensuring that Microland’s NPS scores are the best in the industry.

Manjanath has over 25 years of cross-functional leadership experience spanning strategy, technology innovation, service delivery, and quality control. He has substantial experience leading global teams to enable delivery of enterprise IT services globally.

Manjanath is an ITIL Expert and has many certifications to his credit that include DMAIC Master Black Belt, Lean Six Sigma, Business Continuity Expert, ISO 27000, BS 15000, and ISO 14000.

Manjanath holds an MBA from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Mechanical Engineering degree from Bangalore University, India.